My Lip Filler Experience

Monday, May 1, 2017

Hey loves! I had SO many questions this past week asking about my lips so I thought i would make a dedicated blog post answering your questions!

I got them done at Utah Facial Plastics in Draper Utah and the nurse that did them is my favorite and is so good at what she does and her name is Alfie. She is very informative and always does exactly what im looking for. I went in there with photos of kind of what i was looking for and said I wanted them to look like how the look when I over line them with lip liner. I also wanted her to fill in some unevenness on the right side of my lip where I had a scar that tear dropped down and was visible when I opened my mouth that bugged me for years!

I had Juvederm put into my lips and I am not exactly sure how much she put in on top or bottom but I know it wasnt a whole lot. Ill list prices below:

Juvederm: $560
Juvaderm Ultra Plus: $610
Volbella: $375

Prices vary depending what deal they have going on at that time.

Yes, It did hurt more then I thought it would but not enough to keep me away forever;) The way I feel like best described it was little electric shocks going into my lips for a second but other then that it really wasn't too bad and was totally bearable.

If you guys have any questions that maybe I cant answer feel free to follow their Instagram that is linked on my Instagram and ask them or my nurse injectors Instagram Alfie.

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