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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Whats up guys!

So inspired by my last post I though it would be super helpful to some of you on how I cover up my breakouts. As I have reached adulthood I have had more frequent breakouts for some reason and I am not sure why because when I was growing up I rarely had pimples and acne and my skin was smooth for the most part. Its not all the time that I have a break out now either, I will go a few weeks with only a few that go undetected under makeup and then all the sudden I will get multiple really bad ones that take a month to heal and when they do they leave scars. Anyway, I thought it would be so helpful for those of you who struggle with acne and maybe don't know how to cover it up.

Here is an Example of a bad day vs. a good day 

Here are the steps that I take to try to apply flawless coverage to cover up the redness and try to get it as even as possible :)

1. Foundation - I love a full matte foundation like Frankie Rose Matte Perfection Foundation
2. Concealer - I have to have a full coverage concealer or i feel redness will peak through and we dont want that so I really like It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
3. For powder I usually use a translucent powder from Ben Nye but if im looking for more coverage then what i already have then I go in with another powder and I like Kat Von D Lock It Powder

For the remaining I just finish up with my contour and highlight and blush per usual and do my eyes. I just wanted to mention these products to give a little insight on what I use.

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