Non Surgical Nose Job | Utah Facial Plastics

Friday, May 27, 2016

Hey loves! Today I am talking about my experience at Utah Facial Plastics located in Draper,Utah. This is the place I went to to get my "Non surgical Nose Job" that i am so happy about! I have wanted a nose job ever since I was in high school. I never noticed the bump i had on my nose when i was younger and it didnt bother me. When i got into high school i never really noticed it either, until the end of it where i noticed it getting more prominent as i got older. I am so afraid of going under the knife and getting surgery that it never really seemed like an option for me until maybe i got over that fear. All of a sudden i saw all these pictures and videos of people getting fillers in their nose to change and alter the shape of it. I am so relieved that i found Utah Facial Plastics that are experienced in this type of thing:) They took care of me and made sure i got EXACTLY what i wanted and for that im so grateful for them!

Before my nose sloped downward making my silhouette on a side view something that i hated:( I avoided taking pictures at certain angles afraid it would make me look bird like:(

She injected Juviderm at the tip of it giving me a slight slope and it bringing my nose upward and slightly altering the shape of it. One syringe costs about 500$ but the rest of it that you dont use they save for you to use touch ups and the more touch ups you go in for the longer it will start lasting. I hardly used any Juviderm for this so i have alot left to use. (Just giving you about how much you use) but everyone is different so be sure to ask for yourself:)

Make sure to check out their site and look at all the before and afters of all the procedures they do and ask for Alfie if you go in for any of your injection needs. Shes the best!! :D

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