Weight Loss Journey

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hey you guys! I have recently posted some before and after pictures of my weight loss and I have had a ton of questions on what exactly I am doing. So I thought it would be easier coming on here and talking about it. So originally two months ago I stepped on the scale and I was so shocked of the number of 133 lbs and I felt super disappointed with myself because for my height of 5'3 i told myself id never get past 120lbs because i didn't like the way i looked and to feel good on the inside i need to feel good on the outside. I let myself eat the worst food at anytime and never told myself what i was doing to my body. so after that day i told myself i had to change and started working out every day (sometimes twice a day) doing alot of cardio like running miles at a time, doing the stair climber at the gym, and doing FREE butt and leg workouts on Youtube. I also started eating only healthy foods. I cut out white bread, fast food, pasta, soda, sugary drinks, and anything high in sugar or sodium. I started eating lots of chicken and broccoli and sweet potatoes. I drink green tea every day and I loooove water more then ever now. I try to restrict myself to only 1,300 calories a day to lose 1.5 lbs a week. so im not starving myself. I weighed myself every two days to give my body time to lose and i started noticing my weight going down by the ounces a day! :) it was not really rewarding until i saw the comments from all of you asking if i had lost weight :D it made me so happy to know that everyone was seeing a difference and that all my hard work is paying off! I still have a bit to go since my goal weight is 115 lbs and I am currently 119 lbs but id like to start doing more summer activities this year since i finally feel good about my body! I actually used to dread summer the last couple of years because i hated the way i looked and every time i told myself i was going to start my diet tomorrow it never lasted more then a couple of days or weeks :( I hated feeling so self conciouse about myself and restricting what i could wear or do because i didnt want to show my mid section or my legs might jiggle but this year it almost brings me to tears to talk about how good i feel about this year and i cant wait for shorts and tank tops :')

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