Summer Bod in Progress | Tips

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hey you guys! I didn't really have anything to post about so i thought i would get on here and talk about a few things that have been helping me lose weight. I want to start off by saying that to each their own, I feel like there are a lot of misconception on what is beautiful and we all have different goals and what my goals and dreams are might not suit your taste, And thats okay! that's what makes us all unique and beautiful in our own way. So, Im happy to say that my weight progress is slowly getting back on track. For a short little while i was getting discouraged because i could NOT get passed 116lbs and i couldnt figure it out! That really discouraged me because its that last 5 lbs that's the hardest they say. I bumped up my cardio to 45-60 min. a day and added a few ab exercises like 75-100 sit ups and a full minute of bicycles. Thats really helped me tone up. Im almost there! Im really excited for summer clothes and warm weather! yay! Here's a few tips that have helped me stay motivated.

1. Research your Food
I've noticed when im aware of what im putting into my body im more likely to not over eat and stick with smaller portions. I've learned that when im eating a healthy food and its not as tasty as a hamburger or something deep fried i just google the benefits of that vegetable and it helps me so much more to eat it once i know all the good things im putting into my stomach.

2. Buy Cute Gym Clothes
A huge thing ive been doing is checking out Forever 21 every day to see what new arrivals. They have the cheapest and cutest work out clothes ever. I recently just bought some and im happy i did because its helped me want to work out!

3. Invest your Time
I no longer thing of it as an option to work out or just sit and eat chips. I've completely changed my mind set on what im doing. As a whole i feel tons better about myself and I want to do more. Its not just about losing weight anymore, Its become a lifestyle change that i couldn't imagine not doing anymore. Its a start to living healthy and putting me first. When i do work out or go for a run, its become a ritual and i feel sluggish the rest of the day if i dont. Its become a thing that i do for "me time" for myself, not just something i hate doing because i want to look good for every one else. Change the way you think of it and you'll find you will want to do it even more.

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