New Morphe Goodies + Coupon Code

Friday, March 11, 2016

Hey you guys! so recently Morphe Brushes sent out some new goodies and I was so intrigued by it all i thought i would get on here and post my favorites. They sent out a ton of brushes and single eye shadows so i went through all the shadows and picked out my favorites for every day and put them in a Morphe Z Palette. I also want to share a brush that has changed my life!! Below i will link all the products and include a coupon code for you to get an extra 10% off these already cheap products!

Right here i have all the eye shadows i picked out and organized to my liking. As you can see the first top rows are all sandy beige shades that i LOVE! and then down below i have the more mauve shades that are super popular right now. I also have the huge single shadows and these four are my favorite because Posey and Vanilla pudding i use for blush and highlight. 

I wish my camera took better product photos because sometimes it comes out bluffy but here are the eye shadows with out flash in bathroom lighting for you guys!

Okay! So here we have the brush i was talking about. Its the Morphe E54 Brush and its the most perfect foundation brush ever! I used it today and fell in love with how it applied mu foundation so even and perfect! Its also nice because the foundation you apply on the brush applies to your face and its so dense that it doesnt suck up any of the foundation in the bristles so your getting a ton more out of your foundation. You need this brush in your life if you have been feeling bleh about your foundation routine. Its amazing!

Shadows c/o Standard Shadows
Z Palette c/o Empty Z Palette
Foundation brush c/o Pro Deluxe Flat Buffer

Use coupon code "TAYA" for 10% off at

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