Blonde Wiggin It

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hey babes! For today's post i am excited to share this beautiful blonde long wig from Uniwigs. I was lucky enough to try this beautiful wig out and put out a review for you guys so here it goes. This is the Becky Synthetic Lace Front Wig and for being a first timer with wigs i thought i did an alright job at putting it on. I did put a hat over it and i thought it made it look so much better because my natural hair color is dark brown so im so not used to being bleached blonde. For the most part i thought this wig was super nice for being synthetic and all because when you think synthetic you think people will notice that it looks super fake but only a couple times in certain lighting i noticed the shininess to it but all you have to do is rub some baby powder or dry shampoo through it and it fixes majority of it. I wish i showed you guys the roots of it because i thought the company did a super job at making it look realistic and i also saw a few pictures of other girls wearing this same wig and they made it look super realistic. For the most part i really liked this wig, Its a great alternative to switching up your hair color without the commitment or damage and were seeing wigs turn into a huge trend and i LOVE it!

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