Favorite Highlighter | BH Cosmetics

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hello again! Ive got another makeup related post for you guys! Recently on my Instagram I've been putting a lot highlighter on (like drowning in it) and i wanted to share with you guys what it was! No, its not a 30$ or 50$ highlighter from Sephora. Its literally only 9$ and its one of the best ones I've ever used! its Bh Cosmetics highlighter in Wild & Radiant! You can get it Here!

I love to put this highlight on the tops of my cheek bones, nose, and forehead for an extra glow.

TIP - dampen you highlter brush a little then dip it in the highlighter and then place a second coating on top of where you put the first layer and its 10X brighter and last longer.

This palette is so versatile because it has four different colors to mix and match and that one other reason why i love it. Try it out for yourself and you won't regret it!

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