Coloful Cozies + Up do

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hey lovelies! Today's outfit consists of everything im all about! I love the Fall time because of how comfortable the clothes are and im all about that life. This top is from Uoionline Boutique and you can get 10% off there with my coupon code TAYASEPT just for the month of September. My leggings are sold just about anywhere for a great price and my boots my boyfriend gave to me last year as a present!

Hair updo!

My hair took me a little bit longer to do because i had to hide all my extensions some way so it blended with my short hair.

1. I started with the pony and faced all my extension clips to go that way and i think i used like half a set of extensions for the top part

2.  I curled my short pieces on the bottom portion

3. I cliped in all the curled extensions but left a section of hair so it hides my clips


My extensions are from Bellami Hair

and the set im wearing today are the Bellissima 220g 22" in OFF BLACK

COUPON CODE - TAYA5 for $$ off your own set of extensions.

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