Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hey you guys! I wanted to give you an update on what extensions ive been wearing and what color! 
As always im wearing Bellami Hair 

I feel like these extensions have lasted me the longest and for as thick as they are i still haven't found anything thicker.  Ive tried so so so many extension brands and none of them have lasted me as long as these have. Ive changed my hair color alot! and non of them have kept up with being as healthy as these also.

I love these extension so much that i am constantly raving about them on my social media.

My hair is pretty short :( I cut it one day in highschool thinking i could pull off short hair but It just didnt work out so i came looking for something to get my long hair back:( and extensions were my only option! 

Bellami Hair has been my life saver for around 3 years! I stand by these extensions 100% because i know they are the best. I recommend this brand to my friends and family and even strangers when asked about my hair.

Ive recently dyed my hair darker and so i wanted to let you know what I have been wearing to get these long dark locks! 

When my hair looks extra full I am usually wearing two sets because I die for BIG hair. So in this instance i am wearing the Kylie Hair Kouture 180g 20" in OFF BLACK on the top and then on the bottom I am wearing Bellissima 220g 22" in OFF BLACK

I do this to create layers so it doesnt just look one length strength and blends easy. My hair is so short that with layers i can hide it alot better.

The difference between the two are the Kylie Hair has a new weft called INVISI WEFT and i love it so much because the hair is all glued together so theres zero shedding and alot less tangles! 

The Bellissima are alot thicker and longer so if your a first time buyer and want something that you know will work i really recommend these ones. :)

How i get the look

To get this look i also used my favorite curling iron from Bellami Hair

Ive talked about this one on my social media but i explained how i had been trying out other brands for reviews and non of them held my curls long enough and without frizzing as best as this one! I love how it comes with 6 different wands to choose from so you have options, I usually use the 32 mm (the biggest) wand.

Usually when my hair is straight i feel like i dont need as much hair so this is when i wear just my Kylie Hair Kouture 180g 20" in OFF BLACK

and i can usually blend it in to where it looks natural but when my hair is straight i dont like alot of hair so one set works for me fine. 



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I hope this helped some of you out with any hair questions! 


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