ScentBird Mmmmm!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hey my lovelies! so today i'm going to tell you about a perfume company called Scentbird! Its a fun site where you get a 30 day supply of a designer fragrance! and its only 14.95 a month:)

How you do it is you log on to and take their little quiz on what scents you like and it has all kinds of smells to choose from, because not all of us women want to smell like cotton candy:/

From the quiz you took you get to choose from 350+ Designer fragrances and it is just so fun!

 After you have picked out your perfume they send it to you in the mail in a cute little mobile bottle like the on in the picture. Once you have run out of that scent and its the next month you log into your profile again on and pick another scent you would like to try for the next month! I think its wonderful and an inexpensive way to try and have designer perfumes <3


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