How I Got My Blue Locks

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hey! So I get alot of questions from you guys asking about my blue hair, So i thought i might do a post on it explaining everything. Let me tell you guys right now that it was super easy! 

So first i receieved my Bellami Hair and it came in these Beautiful boxes right here. I got both the Balayage 22" and 20" in the color #1C/ #18  

This is the color they are and the contrast was very high! 

I wasnt really into that high of contrast so i figured i would take advantage of the blonde and do something fun with it:) I have always wanted blue or purple hair, but i picked blue because i figured it would be more flattering and go with me more. 

I went to the nearest Sally Beauty Supply and bought two things full of Manic Panic in Rockabilly Blue. One for each set of extensions. I pretty much just put gloves on and put it on the blonde and smothered it.

I let it sit there for about an hour, On the bottle it said you can use heat to intensify the color but i was waaay to lazy to do that so i just rinsed it out with luke warm water after they were done and let them dry over a heater vent and then styled them the next day and thats it! SUPER EASY!

I hope this helped some of you and answered the questions you had:)

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